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In 2017, and after having over a decade of experience each in this industry, the managing partners Katia Hasbani and Adnan Moussa came together to create their own little start up. The secret behind this start up experiencing this much success and exposure is solely based on the shared vision and values that these partners had from day one. Little by little, the team grew further and today EFactory is a family of hard-working, creative, and detail-oriented members. Each single employee and supplier believes in implementing the desires of our customers and making sure that their dreams are brought to life. Sometimes, our concepts take months of planning and fine-tuning. Other days, ideas are created by a simple conversation or thought. In both cases, we have realized that our passion for this business has achieved results way above our expectation thanks to our dedication and hard work. In few words, our values and creativity are what made us the leading entertainment company in this market; yet this is not the end. Our dreams are way bigger than what we have achieved so far, and we are certain that we will get to even greater places.
Our mission is providing our customers with the most innovative concepts and implementations. Our foremost focus is directed towards our client's desires and dreams. Quality in implementation takes most of our effort, for this is the key to our success. Our clients and suppliers are spread out throughout the globe and have different tastes and dreams; however, they have one thing in common: they believe in us. Last but not least, we are very concerned about giving back to the community, and this is what pushed us to be socially responsible: we have never missed a chance to bring joy to those in need and offer our services to charity events.
We aim to become the leading entertainment company and create concepts that will make our clients and their guests believe in magic again.